Temporary accommodation

Homeless people can stay at hostels 24 hours a day. In every institution residents have the opportunity to:

- sleep
- have a shower
- wash
- prepare and consume warm food
- take part in community life.

Admission to hostels is based on the decision of the Admission Preparatory Team.  

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Night shelters

Night shelters provide accommodation between 6 pm and 8 am to anyone in need, free of charge. There are separate shelters for men and women; in some of the shelters, it is possible for couples to stay together.

In night shelters residents have to opportunity to:

  • have a shower
  • wash their clothes
  • prepare and consume warm food
  • take part in community life
  • rest.

Social workers welcome people and help them in moving on to accommodation with a higher comfort level.

During the winter season, further places are opened, and we do everything we can to prevent rough sleepers from freezing.

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