Procedure of our social work

A segítő beszélgetésről (Győri Péter) /letölthető itt/

During September and October 2012 methodology of social work provided by BMSZKI was completely reshaped. The professional structure of and procedures related to individual case work were transformed in accordance with our fast changing world. We are trying to adjust our different accommodation services to the changing circumstances of our residents in a more conscious way.

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2012. évi szakmai beszámoló a BMSZKI új segítői rendszeréről

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Procedures published here are under constant transformation and development. Up to date procedures are sent to our employees by e-mail.

Presently Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and Its Institutions employs 109 trained social workers, a further 21 people are currently being trained as social workers and 20 support workers have a degree in a different field. Besides 19 trained social assistants, 15 people under training and 33 social assistants without qualifications are also employed.

Each year thousands of people in need turn to Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and Its Institutions with their numerous problems and expect help from our workers. In order to provide them with reliable, calculable, transparent and professional help, in 2002 the procedures, documentation and information flow-system of social work at BMSZKI were established.

Power pointos áttekintés a BMSZKI-ban igényelt szociális munka menetéről, ennek dokumentációs, nyilvántartási és információáramlási rendszeréről.

Social assistance at BMSZKI has a framework that we intend to follow – always taking into consideration the skills, needs and potentials of our specific users. This procedure is applied in every single case: either a user has been connected to our services for a longer term, moves to a hostel, stays in a special shelter or has been going to our shelters and day centers for a longer period.

Az eljárás menete

Based on the procedure of support work, a paper-based documentation system has been established (and, according to our experience, is revised from time to time). This documentation system makes our work transparent and traceable for us, for our colleagues (when referring a case) and four users as well. Not only our work gets recorded, but major steps of our users, changes in their circumstances are also documented. We make agreements with our users about their duties and evaluate our mutual successes and failures from time to time.

A SZOCIÁLIS MUNKA DOKUMENTÁCIÓJA (Melléklet: pénzbeli ellátások)

At a certain stage of social assistance we try to get a deeper understanding of the housing, employment, health and mental state, and other needs of the person. In case of special needs we try to provide special support. BMSZKI’s networks of housing, employment, addiction and social home officers, monthly workshops of these networks, information provided by the Social Information Center, the Job-seekers’ Office and needs assessment tests assist our work in this process.

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At the same time, we strongly believe that our users have the same rights as anyone else. Therefore BMSZKI’s Data protection regulation has been established which is obligatory to all our employees.