Joint Training Session Budapest

The fourth joint training session took place in Budapest in March 2018. The main aim of the five days cooperation was to complete the full text of the 3 guides. Most of the experts were able to be present personally and those who couldn’t could join by skype. The 3 expert groups spent 3 full days working on the guides and the remaining time was used to give a picture for visiting experts  about the supported housing programs of  Menhely Foundation and  the work of BMSZKI connecting to the support for families experiencing homelessness. Visitors had opportunity to participate in a board game which was developed to raise awareness of the difficulties affecting homeless people.


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Joint Training Session Prague-Brno

The fifth joint training session took place in Czech Republic in April 2018. The first two days were held in Prague at the headquarter of Platform for Housing and the last three days were in Brno. During this event the delegates discussed and shared their knowledge and practice about advocacy and awareness raising. We gain knowledge about the housing scheme of the country and some of us had possibility to meet with politicians to discuss about topics connected to the housing situation of Czech Republic. In Brno we get insight in the operation of the ongoing Housing First and Rapid Rehousing programs and get picture about their practice of working with homeless families and the community work with the gypsy families.

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Joint Training Session Barcelona

The third joint training session of the project took place in Barcelona in November 2017. Participants exchanged experience about involving volunteers in their work in housing support, as well as getting first hand experience through project visits and shadowing volunteers in various projects of Arrels (street outreach, housing first, supported housing and hostel type of accommodation).

Joint Training Session London

The second joint training session took place in September 2017 in London. Professional staff, peer support workers and volunteers of St. Mungo's introduced participants to the various types of housing support offered by the organization, as well as the myriad to training opportunities available to both paid staff and volunteers. Documents about the meeting are available here.

Joint Training Session Helsinki

Our first joing training session took place in June 2017 in Helsinki. About 20 international participants (professional and peer support workers) visited projects offering housing support, and exchaning experience and best practices about the involvement of experts of experience as peer support workers. Documents about the meeting are available here.