If you are considering helping others, you can find extensive information on BMSZKI and its services on this website. Our institutions operate continuously, in summer and winter as well as during holidays, and try to give a hand to our fellows in need.

In our institutions trained and enthusiastic professionals – social workers, assistants, doctors and nurses – accept those who turn to us for help. However we cannot go on without the contribution of young and old, poorer and richer, busy and less busy citizens who would like to take part in this humane activity. If you are still hesitating and not sure how to help, click on the following addresses! You will see that there are numerous ways of personal involvement. If you are still uncertain, please contact our institution of your preference, and you will get support, information and continuous assistance to make a good decision; and later our trained colleagues will always be there beside you.

Believe us: even the tiniest help is help! Involvement in this causes pleasure. If you would like to apply, please contact with us via e-mail at modszertan@bmszki.hu.